I’m Not Dead, The Blog Moved!

Hey so wow, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted.

I wanted to let you guys know what I’ve been up to instead of posting here:

Upcoming events:

  • Hosting the first #LinkedInLocal event here in St. Louis on January 16th
  • Participating in the Funky Thinkers podcast on January 18th
  • Also giving a short talk at the next AgileLINC meetup on January 18th
  • (the 18th is gonna be a busy day)
  • Writing articles on Medium
  • Pursuing paid articles on Forbes about how to work in a QA team

That being said, I have been posting on my site at archdevops.com. It has a WordPress engine on it, including a blog, so my Brain Juice is being poured out there as it can lead to more conversions and more business.

I have appreciated each and every one of you for being readers of the blog. I’ve enjoyed the tiny dopamine hit every time I see an email coming through saying someone has subscribed.

But we’re not done. Because I’m inviting you to come over to the Blog at archdevops.com and subscribe there. You’ll be getting the same kind of updates (although my format’s gotten a lot more concise, and the posts won’t be as long. Being wordy was something I’ve been working on not doing as much).

I would really appreciate continuing to provide you insights about testing, test automation, DevOps and everything in between. If I can still do that for you, then I look forward to you joining me over there soon 🙂



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