Generating Quality Code – Part 2

At the end of the first post, I mentioned reading another post, which talked about how AI is going to change testing forever.

It might seem like AI may dismantle testing soon, but it won’t. You won’t come to the office tomorrow and see a robot doing your job.

Here’s why.

What’s Changing?

When we ask the question about what’s changing in the testing world, we’re really asking: will I still be relevant? And my answer is: yes, as long as you keep learning. 

We’re all evolving. I wouldn’t expect anyone’s skillset today to still be relevant 10 years from now. As long as we’re willing to continue to evolve, we’ll be fine.

While we’d be smart to keep an eye on AI, remember it’s not the only big thing going on.

Remember blockchain? Remember Internet of Things? Any combination of technology–even ones we don’t know about yet–can change testing more than AI ever could.

Should we be focused on AI as the only thing affecting testing? Probably not.

But, What’s Changed Already?

A lot of technology’s already had a huge effect, such as:

  • The internet
  • Online shopping
  • Credit card transactions
  • Cell phones
  • Social networks
  • Webservices
  • Lightweight databases

What was it like before all these? Testing’s changed quite a bit already. What if suddenly these weren’t available? Would you even have work to do?

How Fast Can it Change?

When a new buzzword shows up, do changes take effect right away?

Although lightweight startups can grab new tech and run with it, most other companies are medium-to-large, legacy places, where change happens much more slowly.

So is it possible that a huge change can happen overnight? Yes. Likely? Not so much.

It’s Changing Every Day

You know what… if we were to check every day and see what the average “flavor” of the whole software testing world is… I bet it’s changing every day.

Even something like a person changing jobs affects it. The experience they bring from the previous place affects how they’d test at the new place.

Whether someone is leaving or coming into it, changes at that level change the testing world.

And this happens every day.

Change isn’t bad. The more change we have the better, as it helps prevent thought inbreeding.

Don’t Run Scared

Listen: Fearful people rarely make good decisions. Instead of viewing AI as a threat to your job, ask yourself: How could you use it to enhance your career?

If there are large chunks of your work that could be replaced by an algorithm, then what could you replace that new free time with? Could you be more effective now, without all that extra work to do?

Doesn’t it sound exciting to have AI write pretty good code for us, so we’re not under such unrealistic timelines, or morale-draining death marches? I think so. And I want to have a hand in that.

So think. Embrace. Learn, adapt and evolve.

Be ready for anything. You’ll be just fine. 🙂



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