New Law: Malpractice Caps. What Do You Do?

In the US, there’s a tremendous amount of money flying around due to malpractice lawsuits. If sued, a doctor could lose millions.

Doctors pay a lot of money to insurance companies to gain financial protection. Health care costs can be high as a result, and the cost of equipment and supplies increases too.

Some people think that putting a cap on how much can be sued for, would bring healthcare costs down. Accidents happen. After all, a doctor has a “practice”, not a “perfect”.

What if a law were passed that put a cap on how much a doctor could be sued for?

How would that affect your testing? Would it impact your company’s revenue? What changes would you have to make to your testing and automation strategy? What type of bugs would you look for? What modifications would you expect to happen to your applications? How would you prevent it from completely disrupting your company’s bottom line?

Care to comment?


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